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14/03/17 - The Beverly Hills Hotel, Los Angeles

Logo Shop


Green and white stripes, banana leaf prints and the signature pink color of Dorchester Collection's Beverly Hills Hotel serve as inspiration for a variety of stylish new products and specialty gift items now offered in the redesigned Logo Shop.

After undergoing a six week renovation, the popular Logo Shop reopened with a fresh new look and feel. The new design includes sleek lacquered walls with leather accents, complemented by natural stone, bronze hues and gold tones. Built in glass panels and free-standing island displays showcase the shop's increased hotel-inspired products and custom-designed pieces. Stylish dressing rooms and a lush guest sitting area have also been added.

A complete listing of all new products and specialty gift items available for purchase on-line can be found on


Inspired by The Beverly Hills Hotel

Serving as an enduring symbol of Hollywood's Golden Age, the hotel's iconic design elements can be found well beyond its fabled red carpet entrance into retail stores, designer studios, private homes, and more. Whether on the runway or TV screen, or in a residence or restaurant, the century-old hotel's signature style remains a relevant influence on pop culture and has become synonymous with LA's celebrated lifestyle.


Martinique Banana Leaf Wallpaper

Created by decorator Don Loper in 1942 exclusively for The Beverly Hills Hotel, this bold and vibrant print has been touted as one of the most recognizable wallpapers in the world and named an "object of obsession" in Vanity Fair (1)*, and referenced as achieving "iconic status" in Architectural Digest (2). With its distinctive colors, large bright leaves, and waving banana palms, it remains internally and intrinsically connected to the hotel, and has developed a type of iconic status amongst designers and guests alike.


Fashion Inspiration

Famed UK-designer Jenny Packham (3), celebrated accessories designer Charlotte Dellal's Charlotte Olympia Collection (4), and the iconic American sportswear designer Michael Kors (5) are among the world's most celebrated fashionistas that have mimicked the hotel's signature aesthetic on and off the runway.


Interior Design Influence

Whether as the theme behind a whimsical children's bedroom (6), a stylish bathroom clad in vintage pink tile (7), or adorning the walls of notable restaurants from New York City to Gipuzkoa Spain (8), the timeless style of the Pink Palace has been reinvented and recreated in private residents and public venues all around the globe.