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25/04/17 - CastaDiva Resort & Spa, Lake Como, Italy

CastaDiva Resort & Spa announces collaboration with "The Royal Chef", Enrico Derflingher


CastaDiva Resort & Spa announces collaboration with "The Royal Chef", Enrico Derflingher February 2017 - CastaDiva Resort & Spa is delighted to announce the appointment of Enrico Derflingher as Consultant Chef ahead of the resort's new season, welcoming guests from 10th March 2017.


Otherwise referred to as "The Royal Chef", following his residency with the British Royal family, Chef Derflingher will share his culinary philosophy working with the CastaDiva's Executive Chef, Massimiliano Mandozzi to further develop the classic Italian creations that feature on the menu at L'Orangerie restaurant.


Chef Derflingher has had a prestigious career whereby at the age of 27 years old, he became the first and only Italian to be employed as a Personal Chef to the British Royal Family following a long tradition of French cuisine.


He then went on to spend time in the White House as Personal Chef to former President George W. Bush senior.


Awarded five times as one of the top ten Chefs in the world by the Five Star Diamond Awards, he bares a strong presence within the Italian Chef scene. From the opening of Terrazza dell’Eden in Rome where he worked for nine years, gaining a Michelin star to receiving

international recognition for his culinary concepts before moving to the prestigious Palace Hotel in St Moritz.


In more recent years, along with his consultancy team, Chef Derflingher has opened and managed over 30 restaurants in Japan, including the Armani Ginza Tower in Tokyo.

In 2015, he was elected as the President of Euro -Toques International.


Speaking of his consultancy with CastaDiva, Chef Derflingher said:


"Lake Como is where I grew up and spent my student years which makes this particular pro ject is one that is close to my heart. I endeavour to work with Chef Mandozzi to build a contemporary approach to Italian cuisine creating elegant and simple dishes. Having spent the last 20 years abroad, I am looking forward to returning to my roots to admire this wonderful corner of Italy once again.".